About LOOK Elite Models


Owner / CEO : Fia Bonetto

Executive Officer : Madeleine Dollinger 

Productions & Academy Director : Bety Dudek

About LOOK Elite Models

An agency open since 2007 committed to perfection and professionalism with top models, LOOK Elite Model’s is one of the oldest and most established modelling agencies in Second Life.

Each LOOK Elite Models’ Production is unique and includes a custom build runway, choreography, top models showcasing a designer’s creations in the best way possible, and more!

We are currently not accepting model applications or portfolios. Invitation into LOOK Elite Models is through casting or attending LOOK Elite Modeling Academy. Anyone interested in keeping up with LOOK Elite Models can join the ‘LOOK Elite Models Clients’ group with free enrollment.

For prospective designers or students, please contact:

Madeleine Dollinger, LOOK Elite Models, Executive Officer



Bety Dudek, LOOK Elite Productions Director


A word from Fia Bonetto – Owner of LOOK Elite Models

I started modelling in early 2007  and I kept on working as a model in SL for more then a year. During that time I had a dream of creating something new in the business and it developed within me. I would like to describe the idea as some kind of thinking outside the box, flying up, looking at the model and fashion business from above. Looking at it with new perspectives, seeing new possibilities.

My idea was to create some kind of network where there were a core of employees within the agency but also a connection with external professional resources in different fields. This way we reconfigured our business, made those external resources a part of the agency and it´s identity and prepared our agency for the new age of modelling and fashion. We were, and still are, especially interested in the new designers that are building up their businesses. We ask ourselves what we can do for them and they for us? From the reconfiguration and what came out of it,  we created our vision that we still follow “We´re not living in the past or even the present, we’re in the future already today!”


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