[Cliche] – not a cliche…

Happy New Year to you all out there! As many of you know one of the people who came closest to me in Second Life during the years is Bety Dudek. We worked together in the LOOK Elite Models Agency during the years and she is probably the best stylist I know in Second Life. I can´t remember seeing her a single time when she didn´t put an outstanding effort into her look. No matter when, she is always making my jaw drop. For a while Bety now been working with the shoe brand [Cliche] by the very talented Atila Blackmountain as their general manager besides being the Production Director of LOOK Elite and also the agencies Academy Director.

Bety brought her knowledge about fashion and trends to [Cliche] and mixed with Atila Blackmountain and his great skills they have made a very promising team for the future. I only say, watch out! And for those who followed my blogging and also seen the new designers that the agency LOOK Elite scouted during the years, you know that you should take this information seriously…today I´m giving you one example of a new release from [Cliche]. It is the “Pilar” boots and with these you get boots that you can wear for both casual and elegance. The other items worn in the post of today is an outfit from Gawk!, the hair from Sadistic Hacker and the jewelry from !Stars. The poses are from Diesel.

cliche pilar

cliche 2

cliche 4 a

cliche 4

~ by Madeleine Dollinger on January 2, 2013.

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