Laura presents: Aberrant!

I recently received a box called Ultimate Bloggers Pack. It was from a brand I didn’t know before, Aberrant, and the designer is Dylain Nikita.All excited I opened it and found a nice warm sweater, and a fun set of accessories for the urban casual that’s in me:  a nice warm plaid knit scarf, decorated with a pin with a skull on it; a set of fingerless gloves, and a fun and unusual ring with … a boombox on it!

I’m standing in my room with my new outfit when I realize.. it doesn’t come with a bottom! As I sit there in my panties I go digging for a pair of pants that would work and not overpower the outfit.

Once I find something suitable, I set about making some pictures in my studio. I pick out shoes, accessories, hair and my new pair of shades which I got for my birthday 😛

Next thing I found was a set of earrings in a jewelry store I had never seen and those got thrown in for good measure.

About midway through the shoot I realize something else would go well with this and drag out one of my new leather jackets, the Chiodo from MEB, just released.

This is the result, hope you like it!

Style Sheet:
SCARF: [aberrant] Red Plaid Knit Scarf

TOP: [aberrant] Long John Shirt (olive)
GLOVES: [aberrant] Fingerless Gloves (charcoal)
RING: [aberrant] Boombox Ring (Left)

PANTS: *COCO*_ShinyLeggings_Pants
TOP: *COCO*_TurtleneckSweater_Jacket
JACKET: MEB Chiodo Jacket BlackPearl-Blue Leather FLAG
LIPSTICK: .:Glamorize:. Vixen Lips 2 – Piinks – Melon
LIPSTICK: .:Glamorize:. Vixen Lips 2 – Reds – Date
HAIR: !lambPhenomena – Honeycomb Ombre
NAILS: MPP – Prim Nails – Classic
SHOES: Bax Coen Ankle Boot Red Patent 
SKIN: [LeLutka]Natasha/HUSH-Makeup2/Hairbase
EYES: Lost. Doll Eyes – Ice

~ by Laura18 Streeter on November 20, 2011.

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