First MEILING Award won at Look Elite!

Meiling, the RL designer ( ) just recently opened in SL (blog here ), has been having a special kind of selection. Some ladies of the staff (Sequoia Nightfire, Kymsara Rayna, and our own Kay Fairey among them) were charged to find exclusive, special looks and do candid shots for evaluation by Meiling herself. Among these were Madeleine Dollinger and I; the candidates, or Finalists, can be seen here:
I was found rather by chance and photographed in whatever I was wearing;

Laura18 Streeter for Meiling

that day I was busy blogging for a new as-yet-unreleased Summer collection for someone else.

At the end of May one was to be chosen by the designer as the best of the lot for MSA May Winner.

Well yesterday I started getting congratulations and hopped on over to see the Flickr group and I see me listed as Winner… Thereupon I went to see the blog and find this post:

Meiling’s words were particularly special to me:
“I am thrilled to choose the first MEILING Style Award Winner for May 2011. I totally loved Laura’s style of chic and elegance but with touches of edginess. Her hair and makeup was impeccable and my top fit model (in the picture) was very impressed with it. Congrats Laura!”
There were these photos showing the final selection process:

Meiling choosing MSA winner SL May 2011

Shortly thereafter Meiling herself IMmed me and we set up an appointment; apparently there was to be some kind of “ceremony”. I was more than thrilled!

When I was called, I met Meiling and was happy to see my friends Kymsara and Sequoia there too. It was all very casual and I felt at ease, although I knew I was blushing up to my ears 😛

I was given the prize for the winner, consisting of the award statuette itself, a gift certificate, and a dress in my name, currently not for sale… 🙂

Then Meiling arranged for a ritual photo of the event:

L to R Meiling Couturier, Laura18 Streeter, Kymsara Rayna and Seqoia Nightfire

A pic of the award is shown here: it is on display in the Look Elite offices.

The event was blogged this morning on Meiling’s blog as well.

Yea yea I know.. it’s a tad ungracious to be blogging about one’s own success… but I feel it’s a success for Look Elite as well!

For those of you wishing to know my styling:

  • OUTFIT: SF Designs Rizzo
  • HAIR: Baiastice Moira
  • SHOES: Lelutka Saffron Pumps
  • SKIN: Lelutka Mila
  • BANGLES: Virtual Impressions Black and Silver Metallic Bangles
  • LASHES: Miamai N01 NoAlpha
  • EARRINGS: Glow Studio No Round Earrings for TDR
  • STOCKINGS: *Sheer* Lace-Top Black
  • LIPSTICK: Lelutka Lola Deep Red

~ by Laura18 Streeter on June 2, 2011.

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