Madeleine + MichaMi = True!

It was really fun the other day when I discovered that the designer that created the swimsuit I wore in the RL cover that was mentioned in my earlier blog post/ flickr (,  actually was swedish as myself!

Her name is Milla Michanaga and she is the owner of MichaMi Designs! I own a lot of stuff from MichaMi and I wanted to share a few of this outfits with you here now!

Bare with the photographer that tried the best she could (me myself:))! The photoes are taken in location at the Second House Of Sweden, the swedish virtual embassy, opened by the Swedish Institute a few years ago. It was actually formally opened by the swedish RL foreign minister, Carl Bildt, at the time in an inworld ceremony! You can visit the virtual embassy here: Second House of Sweden, Swedish Institute (71, 212, 29) – General

Now lets take a look at some of the outfits in the MichaMi design line:

(Click the pics for a bigger version!)

This is a nice, sexy outfit named “Nina”, with a crop top and matching capris pants in a colour mix, white/ grey/ soft-pink!The outfit is available in a wide variety of colours.The textures are as always with MichaMi well-structured and realistic and it could be used in many occassions.

I´m wearing jewelry from Finesmith Design here, the “Heart” – necklace and earrings and the “Bliss” bracelet.  The shoes are the latest release from Bax, low boots in rose. The boots are available in a wide variety of colours and wearing – options.

The hair worn on this picture is from Little Heaven and it´s the style named “Hugh”! A short, tough, androgyn style!

The next outfit is a sexy dress in leather, here worn in the black version! To spice this up I chose  jewelry from Mandala, the “Lotus” – line! The hair is Truth – “Marcelle” and the boots are from the same Bax –  line as earlier but  this time in black!

To conclude I chose to show you a nice swim wear, the MichaMi “Soryaya” bikini line, here worn in the white version. The colour has light grey patterns which makes a nice contrast and softens the colour impressions in a good way. Finally we can see an example of the latest Bax-  boots line in pink! Ain´t that a pair of hot boots?? The sunglasses are the “Laura” – glasses from Kalnin and the hair is Truth, “Sandra”!

If you want to check out MichaMi yourself, you find them at this adress!

Michami Copley Square ::, Copley Square (179, 127, 24) – Moderate

The MichaMi Blog:


~ by Madeleine Dollinger on April 2, 2011.

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