NEWS FLASH – LOOK Elite made SL history!


NEWS FLASH from LOOK Elite Models! – LOOK Elite made SL history!

 << A Message from Fia Bonetto, Owner of LOOK Elite Models >>

NEWS FLASH from LOOK Elite Models! – LOOK Elite made SL history!

I´m very happy to announce that the virtual model agency, LOOK Elite Models, this week, the 14th of March 2011, had their model, Miss Madeleine Dollinger, appearing on the first page cover of the RL magazine; STUFF Magazine and it´s March edition in Turkey! This was the result of a contract with the RL company STUFF Magazine and it´s division in Turkey and their representative in world, Mr Kaan Kuhn.

STUFF Magazine is a worldwide gadget magazine in 27 different countries, covering 17 different languages. The tradition is to present a live model wearing a gadget, such as for example a mobile phone on the cover of the magazine each month.

A product that later is reviewed inside.

The well known SL photographer Cherie Parker was appointed responsible for the in world photography connected to the project.

This is, according to our sources be the first time ever that a professional model from Second Life is appearing in a project of this nature and with this orientation. A project where a RL-business intendure an extensive and lucrative financial package of agreements with a modeling agency in SL in a cross-over between the real world and the virtual world of Second Life! An agreement where the model agency delivers a total solution for the customer and provide both a virtual model with extensive training and skills and also arranges contract by a photographer of the highest quality and collects the customer’s final product in a context.
The tradition of having a live model on the full cover of the STUFF Magazine has been broken and a virtual model now did appear there for the first time ever! It is a very positive time mark and a proof that the trade and business world of the virtual world Second Life now slowly are becoming a real actor even in the RL economy in various ways.

It´s needless to say I’m very, very happy that this model is trained and a part of LOOK Elite Models. Congrats and well done Madeleine!

I will close this message by sending my warm appreciation to all of the staff members in LOOK Elite; the COO Kay Fairey, the Head Model Bety Dudek, the Coordinator Laura18 Streeter and the Academy Director Bourbon Zenovka, for each in different ways participating in bringing this amazing contract and event to reality!

Fia Bonetto

Owner of LOOK Elite Models

The model agency LOOK Elite Models is one of the oldest and most established modelagencies in Second Life today. The managment under the leadership of the owner of the agency, Fia Bonetto, has been intact with very few changes since the founding of the agency in November 2007. The experience  within the agency can therefor be described as unique. The atmosphere is friendly and caring.

The agency provides high class, professional services as arranging fashion shows, model education, makeover services etc. The demands can be very different and we try to meet those expectations with an adaptability meeting each client in a personal way and trying to create the solution that each individual wants.

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~ by Fia Bonetto on March 16, 2011.

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