Amacci: 26 February Hair & Makeup Releases

Amacci “Andrea” hair & hat, Deep Copper with Amacci teeth tattoo

Even though last week we were bracing for snow in San Francisco, there is a hint of spring in the air:  Spring fashion releases!!!


Amacci “Alissa” hat & hair, Warm Red

This week I have a few items from Amacci to show.  First up are a couple “hat hairs.”  In each case, the hat and hair are sold as a single attachment, and there is a separate hat included, as well.  Top photo is “Andrea,” with the hat tipped back a little to open up the face.  Lower photo is “Alissa,” with hat tilted a bit forward for a little more of a coy look.  Either way, SUPER fun hats, don’t you think?  (Cute hair, too!)  A hud for the hat is included, and it is one of the most sophisticated huds I have seen.  For the tint, you can either select from presets, select the color from a graphical color chooser, or type in RGB numbers.  (Hint: if you want to pick up a color from your dress, use your viewer’s “Develop > Show Info > Show Color Under Cursor” function.)  In addition to tint, the hud lets you set glow, shininess, and transparency (choose fully transparent if you want to wear the hair without the hat).  “Alissa” and “Andrea” each sell for L$275 for a pack of 6 – 8 colors, or a fatpack of 53 colors for L$975.

Amacci “Shyla” hair Vivid Blond

I’m also showing the braided hair style “Shyla.”  Think warm spring days, hair off your shoulder.  “Shyla” sells for L$250 per pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$900 per pack of 53 colors.

“Divine” eye makeup, red lip tattoo, and light cedar classic blush tattoo, all from Amacci and worn over Amacci’s “Irina” skin.  Amacci hair base and “Melody” hair in brown sugar also worn.

Finally (shown below), Amacci has released the “Divine” line of eye makeups.  The eye makeup is available in light or dark packs, with 10 colors in each pack.  Each color is supplied with or without lashes.  Amacci’s makeup tattoos can be worn over any skin.  Cost for “Divine” is L$375 per pack of 10 colors, or L$600 for all 20 colors.

Location:  Amacci/125/125/24



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