Amacci Feb 12 Releases – Part 2

“Coralee” deep copper hair; “Irina” Lip Tatto – Earth 7; “High Blush” tattoo – Peach (medium)

We are fortunate in SL to have very talented makeup artists creating our beautiful skins.  And I think we all love shopping, trying on the demos, to find the right makeup combination that illuminates our eyes, plays into our skin tone and hair color, and highlights our best features.  Now, with the features of Viewer 2 and the talents of our skin designers, we have so many more options for putting on just the right makeup.

Yesterday I introduced Amacci’s new blush and lip releases.  Today I would like to show you a couple more samples.  In the picture at top, I am wearing the “Irina” skin in nutmeg (makeup 09); over the skin I am wearing the “High Blush” tattoo in medium peach and the “Irina” lips in earth 7.  (The “Irina” lips have sharp edges.)  In the photo below, I am wearing the “Frosted” lips (with soft edges) in red 8 and the “Day Blush” tattoo in rose (light).  Lips are sold in packs of 10 colors, at L$375 per pack.  Blush tattoos come in packs of 6 colors, 3 strengths each color, for L$275.

“Coralee II” hair – brown sugar; “Frosted” Lip Tatto – Red 8; “Day Blush” tattoo – Rose (light)

I have talked a lot about the makeup tattoos, but I don’t want to give short shrift to Amacci’s new hair releases!  In the top photo, I am wearing “Coralee” in deep copper.  Above, I am wearing “Coralee II” in brown sugar.  “Coralee II” has the straight-cut bangs, for when you feel like a little sex kitten (and I mean that in a good way).  The Coralee bangs are a little softer, if you are more of a free spirit.  Each hair pack has 6 – 8 colors and costs L$250, or you can pick up the fatpack of all 53 colors for just L$900.

Location:  Amacci/178/125/23/


~ by bourbiedoll on February 15, 2011.

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