Amacci February 12 Releases – Part 1

Amacci Irina skin with Cutie Pink Blush, Shiny Pink Lips, and Viola Hair

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!  I love wearing blush.  I think it really brings a woman’s face to life.  And it has been difficult to find skins that use blush to good effect.  So when Carina Larsen dropped this week’s review pack on me, I almost fell over in a dead faint!  Amacci has released the most amazing set of blush tattoos.  Amacci has five blush packs to choose from; each pack has 6 colors, each in 3 strengths (that’s 18 tattoos altogether), each pack selling for L$275, or L$875 for the fat-pack of 90 tattoos.  Also worn in the photo are Amacci’s Shiny Pink Lip Tattoos.  Lip tattoos come in packs of 10 colors, and cost L$375 per pack.  (More on lips in my next post.)

By way of comparison, the same skin (Irina nutmeg, makeup 09) is shown below without any tattoos.

Amacci also released four hair styles this week.  The top photo shows Viola hair in vanilla blonde, and the above photo shows Melody hair in Sangria.  Matching hairbases are worn in each photo.    Hairs are sold in packs of 6 to 8 colors and cost L$250 per pack, or L$900 for a fat-pack of 53 colors.  Hairbases are sold separately, but are a very worthwhile investment.

I have much more to show you from Amacci’s new releases, so stay tuned!

Location:  Amacci/178/125/23/



~ by bourbiedoll on February 14, 2011.

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