Amacci: Makeup Tattoos and “Milly” Hair

Amacci’s “Milly” hair (chocolate), shiny lips (mauve), teeth 1, eyelash 2

Carina Larsen has been busy, and so today I am going to treat you to a two-fer!  First I would like to continue with my reviews of Amacci’s recent hair releases.  Today I am showing Milly, a style that I have found to be totally versatile.  In the picture above, you see sort of  a “wild child” look, and below Milly shows more of an easy-going disposition.  Milly also brightens your dressier outfits.  Color packs of hair (6 to 8 colors each) can be purchased for L$250; fatpacks (45 colors) cost L$900.

Left: Amacci’s “Irina” skin, makeup 09 (Natural); Right: same skin worn with Ruby tattoo lips, teeth tattoo 1, and eyelash tattoo 2

Amacci has also released some exciting tattoo layers to give your skin a whole new range of expression.  At left I’m wearing Amacci’s Irina skin, nutmeg skin tone with makeup 09 (Natural), a lovely skin all on its own.  At the right, same skin, but I have added Ruby tattoo lips, teeth tattoo 1, and eyelash tattoo 2.  (Oh, how I love V2’s multiple layers!)

You have a wide assortment of lip tattoos to choose from.  There are Pucker lips, with lip colors that fade out toward the corners; richly colored Irina lips; Shinylips with soft edges; and Frosted lips with a soft sheen.  And “Frosted” refers to the sheen, and does not imply a whitish color; in fact there are some deep lip colors in the Frosted pack.  Each pack includes 10 lip tattoos.

When you want to put on that suggestive expression, consider Amacci’s teeth tattoos.  The pack has 6 tattoos, so you can show a little of your two front teeth or a fuller smile.  Hint: you will probably want to create a “teeth” variant for your shape – increase the lip thickness and reduce the lip ratio.

Finally, let’s draw the attention to your eyes.  The eyelash pack includes 6 tattoos, with either just a few lashes sweeping out at the corners, or full lash line on both the upper and lower eyelids.  No fussing with fitting prim lashes.

Makeup tattoos can work with any skin.  Each tattoo pack costs L$375, permissions are copy only.

Location:  Amacci/178/125/23/

~ by bourbiedoll on January 31, 2011.

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