“Sally” by Amacci

“Sally” by Amacci

I am proud to say that I will be reviewing Amacci hair in this blog!  A few weeks ago, Bety Dudek (my personal stylist) told me, “Aw, B!  You should go to Amacci.  There is some hair that would look fabulous on you!”  Well, guess what?  I was hooked.  (And yes, I spent most of Bety’s Christmas gift at Amacci.)  So I felt honored and delightedly surprised when Carina Larsen sent me review copies of her latest releases.

Sally’s Pony Tail

I have a few really cute styles to tell you about.  Each deserves a detailed review, so you can look forward individual posts coming up.  So today I am going to start with Sally.  Sally is a pony tail under a beret.  The beret makes Sally a bit bohemian, and the way the bangs sweep across the forehead will give you a perky look.  I love the way the careless wisps of hair falling out of the beret frame the face.  One of the things that really turned me on about Amacci hair is its depth of color.  I never really imagined myself as a brunette, but this hazelnut color shown here is so warm and rich.

Some of the particulars…  That scarf shown in the top picture is included.  The hat, scarf, and band are all scripted for color change, with 9 colors available.  Color packs (6 to 8 colors each) can be purchased for L$250; fatpacks (45 colors) go for L$900.

Sonya’s Braid

I am going to sneak in a look at another hair style here, Sonya.  Sonya looks a lot like Sally, except it has a ginormous braid, rather than a pony tail.

So, get the girls together and treat yourselves to a little shopping trip

Location:  Amacci/178/125/23/


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