52 Weeks of Color – 6 – Yellow

For this one, I went digging in the inventory for the word, Yellow. The strangest things came out, and most of the things I’m wearing have been around quite some time. A combination of freebies and props and odds’n’ends together with outfit pieces I loved at the time.

I took 2 separate shots and couldn’t decide which, so here’s both:



Pic 1

 The first pic was actually shot second, I decided it was cute and kept it. Almost nothing done to it except a gradient to darken the left half of the pic and concentrate attention and lighting on the moon and me.


Pic 2

This second pic is the one with more significance to it: we have roses which are among my favorite flower; a floating window with nothing attached – to some near future? To some dream to come true? The gifty represents my birthday from last month and the Christmas season coming up as well. It was slightly retouched with a film grain filter to give more shadow and blend subject and background better. It is also, unwittingly, a study in perspective with the towel leading the eye to lower left corner, and the gift angles pointing to lower right.


Style Sheet

  • SKIN: [LeLutka]-LOLA_skissed-makeup3(D Brows)hairbase

  • HAIR: &gt;TRUTH< Haylie – espresso

  • LIPSTICK: AtomicBambi Tattoo – Romaana Lip -Leaf

  • EYES: Digital Eyes * Classic Eyes! Yellow

  • SHOES: Stiletto Moody – Gladiator Boot (White-Yellow)

  • WREATH: VLW Flowerchild – Teal and Yellow

  • BRACELETS: yellow/gold MALT

  • LINGERIE: ~Blacklace~ :Passionate Embrace – Yellow Satin &amp; Laced Corset Set

  • PROPS:

  • [ImpEle] Moon Poses With Prop (pL3) (pic 1)

  • Terra Antioraria (spinning Earth), Melusina Parkin (pic 1)

  • Deco*lishious ~ Danda Lily ~ Yellow ~ Window (Multicolour Danda Lily Bedroom Set) (pic 2)

  • Spectrum Gift Box -yellow (pic 2)

  • Yellow Roses Logan Bauer  (pic 2)


~ by Laura18 Streeter on December 11, 2010.

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