Insolence QC – thank you Camilla!

Last night we had another of our QC.

These are the Quick Contests, a new project run by two of our staff, Bety Dudek and Madeleine Dollinger. They choose a designer, arrange for her to judge the contest, and don’t tell anyone until 2 hours before the event. The idea behind this is to see how well the girls can style on short notice – the only rules are

  • wear the designer’s creations
  • join the Look Elite open group

well last night was our fourth one (I think :P) and I managed to take pictures of it. Camilla Yosuke was present with her well-known lingerie brand Insolence. You can see her pretty things at camilla’s secret gardens

Notwithstanding a maintenance restart just beore the event, which had us all worried there for a minute, everything worked without a hitch and we had a great time!

The girls were all lovely; backstage was organized to perfection (thank you Bety!), Maddy handled everything else that needed to be done from presentation to sync to MCing. In the end, the choice was a very difficult one for poor Camilla, but she finally chose a winner, Seleane Triellis. Yay Congrats Seleane!! To her go the customary L$ 1000 prize from Look Elite Models; Camilla matched this with a L$ 5000 gift certificate for Insolence!

So generous!

Finally, here are the piccies:

~ by Laura18 Streeter on February 19, 2010.

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