Of modeling, education and professionality

I have come by the knowledge of a recent scam in the modeling education industry recently.

Vanessa Knoller, Head Instructor of SL Models Academy, has been found to indiscriminately take an informational notecard from Avenue Models Academy, changing several portions, replacing Avenue with her own agency’s name. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for everyone else, she neglected to change the person to direct payment to. With the end result being that several models were contacting the legititimate CEO of Avenue Models, Rusch Raymaker, for making payment. The whole story is documented here:

Runway Kidz statement  http://runwaykidz.wordpress.com/

and here:

Avenue Models blog: http://avenuemodels.wordpress.com/

As CEO of a modeling agency which provides, among other things, a Modeling Academy, I had the wish to say a few words in the matter. Being new, or unknown to a good majority of the SL Fashion Industry, is no excuse for this kind of unprofessional behaviour.

Here we staff an Academy with an experienced trainer. We do our best to provide models with an alternative, using our experience from the modeling world to keep them from making the same mistakes we did months ago, and we try to prepare them for a profession in the modeling and fashion industry, be it with us or not.

Nobody at Look Elite condones this kind of behaviour; it is the kind of thing that sometimes makes us embarrassed to be a part of this world, which has so many other good things to do, see and be a part of. There is no reason for such uncalled for behaviour in all of SL.

Laura18 Streeter,

CEO, Look Elite Models


~ by Laura18 Streeter on August 17, 2008.

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