Our first show has come and gone…

….and by all counts it seems it was a smashing success!

I hope to have some pictures soon, but in the meantime I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work!

From the models in the front line who did a great job, notwithstanding the usual details and problems which came up as in every show; I think we have a great team here!

Our presenter Desiree Lurra who carried out the hosting without a hitch and whose script was very well written!

The people behind the scenes, first and foremost Renee Veliz, who couldn’t even be here, but worked hard to train the models at all hours and the results showed!

Our builder GM Nikolaidis who was there at my every whim when something “didn’t look right” to me, from seating arrangements to a myriad of other things, only lastly putting in protections for a lag that never showed up!

The owner of the agency, Fia Bonetto, for granting us this opportunity!

Our sponsors Melanie Zhao of ZHAO SHOES, and Ludwig Prinz of Prinz Photostudio, without whom this show could not have happened, and who were suppoortive every step of the way!

All our guests and personalities who came to the event – we had a full sim! Thank you BlackDahlia for the support and logistics helping them get to the show!

And of course the reason we all do this, a wonderful designer Khea Karas, whose MALT Fashions are really something not to be missed! The sweetest person in the world, she went above and beyond the call of duty to help the show run smooth and make sure everything was the way it should be!


Laura18 Streeter – CEO, Look Elite Models


~ by Laura18 Streeter on July 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Our first show has come and gone…”

  1. Thank you to everyone involved in making this show a FABULOUS success! You are truly the best. Throughout the whole process before, during and even after, your professionalism and quality shines through. I cannot find fault in LOOK in anyway, and would never hesitate to have a show with you again someday. Hugs and forever grateful to all the team, I wish you all great success! x

  2. Khea has done a writeup on the show in her blog:


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