Something’s fishy

This post is published as a part of the category “Free Speech” where members of LOOK Elite Models can express their opinions about different things. These opinions are not necessarily representing LOOK Elite Models. Let´s hear this one!

“YAY!!! A contest” I thought when I first heard of that Second Life’s Next Fresh Face contest in the Models SL group in February. I just had finished my model education at InStyle Fashion Agency and found the first agency to work with. I felt so ready for the contest and aimed for winning it.

All interested party of more or less experienced models and wannabes was summoned to attend an audience at short notice. The designer did loose a few words about the previous run of SLNFF and put great emphasis on describing how he brought up the winning model from a mere ugly meremaid, begging for some wows and we all served him well. And I actually started wondering, whether he truely was seeking a model or rather some dummy he can transform to his likings.

We were told to stay tuned, and so we did. After a month people were getting nervous since no word was received and started to leave the group. A so called “Pre application” was published asking for a picture, name and language, which was probably just good enough for the trash bin and to make the people feel like something was happening.

A few days later, the real application was finally published. It not only covered questions one is used to from other contests and a section where to include one’s pictures, but also some questions completely unrelated to modeling like “2.) do you roleplay? Is so please give details.”, “3. What is the angle of the dangle that makes the heat for the meat?” and “Z. jfhnsdf km,j oikfems vlcl resdf?” (yes, it’s true lol), which made me wonder about how serious that contest can be.

Filling out the application I stumbled upon the following questions.
“Vience Clothing Line, Created By Jare Capalini, Is the Clothing Line To be Used Throughout the Competition. 1) Have you seen any parts of the collection? Y/N; 2) If so, tell me your thoughts on this couture line?” “Ok girl, show some passion and check his stuff out!” I said to myself, and asked the search engine for Vience clothing, offering me no result.

A landmark from the designer’s profile took me to Vain Inc. where I found another landmark taking me to the designer’s store. I remembered that I have been there before, and now that I was I knew why I forgot about that too. “So that’s what you do in years of designing?” I thought, having a look at the few outfits hanging on the wall. I wasn’t too impressed by the the choice offered and the texture quality that could only be guessed, so I hurried back home to complete my application.

I used to finish what I started, so I took the time to fill out all the 37 questions in 6 sections, and after about an hour I was finally done. I sent in the application just in time to meet the tight deadline and kept my fingers crossed to be chosen for the finals.

I was doing a runway show when they announced the ones that were chosen for a callback, and me was in there too, cheering me up and making me forget about my concerns, being in awe for the things that were to come.

A few minutes later, an ad hoc recall was announced, me still doing that runway show, so I apologized I had to arrive later, and one hour later after the show was over I used the passed landmark to get to an empty airport with an awfully loud siren sounding all the time making my ears bleed and urging me to turn off sound.

Upon arrival I was sent to the upper floor in order to wait with the others for our recall. All were called down alphabetically, and people that happened to be sorted before me kept on dropping in. “That gonna take a while.” I thought, watching my RL clock nearing the morning hours and hoping I would be done there before I had to leave for work.

I kept myself alive checking the profiles of all the dancers and escorts that gathered around me and watching the scene on the lower floor, enjoying the tippy toe poses of some chosen ones and that hell of a master designer with his poorly textured yellow shirt walking all over the place being caught in a sitting pose, which made him look like having a bad stomach ache and beeing about to poo. I finally decided on helping him out by passing him a “stop all animations” pose ball and ended up wondering about what that person that doesn’t seem to know the notion AO has to offer.

Well, noticeably one thing he had to offer: his friendship to every girl that had a RL picture in her profile, so I started guestimating my chances for advancing in that contest since I have none there. Another thing I noticed was that he almost spent the same time on asking about roleplaying in SL like about modeling, reminding me of a guy I met before, that had some weird roleplay fantasies.

After only 4 hours (yes only, since I was lucky enough having missed one hour beeing on the catwalk,) all recalls were done, and we were led out to a nearby airplane where the results of the recalls were to be announced:

[18:35] Jare Capalini: Ladies
[18:36] Jare Capalini: will be getting on this plane
[18:36] Jare Capalini: only some of you
[18:36] Jare Capalini: the ones that do
[18:36] Jare Capalini: will be this seasons finalists
[18:36] Jare Capalini: and will be in photo’s
[18:36] Jare Capalini: and ads
[18:36] Jare Capalini: and meet all types of people
[18:36] Jare Capalini: you will represent
[18:36] Jare Capalini: CYCLE 9!
[18:36] Jare Capalini: Some of the girls
[18:36] Jare Capalini: that made it
[18:36] Jare Capalini: are not here
[18:37] Jare Capalini: that makes this group of girls making it even lesser 😦

“Nice.” I thought “Why the heck do I need to spend hours here if one can advance without even being there?”

[18:37] Jare Capalini: once I call your name
[18:37] Jare Capalini: please board your flight
[18:37] Jare Capalini: the plane flight is a secret

One by one the wannabe meeting was relocated into the airplane by telling them they advanced in the contest, leaving the not even a hand full of experienced models behind. Now was the time to announce the last one that proceeds…

[18:41] Jare Capalini: only 1 name left
[18:42] Jare Capalini: one of you will be leaving
[18:42] Jare Capalini: Renee
[18:42] Jare Capalini: I am sorry
[18:42] Jare Capalini: but
[18:42] Jare Capalini: we didnt decide on you
[18:42] Jare Capalini: only because
[18:43] Jare Capalini: we werent feeling you as a model as much as the others
[18:43] Jare Capalini: I am sorry

Funny enough I already was working as a model in affiliation with 5 agencies at the time being. I haven’t been gifted a single tag, but had to work for all of them. But feel free to decide yourself by having a look at my portfolio ( Another experienced model that was there with me (and happened to be a friend of mine) also failed to advance in that contest at the end. However, I was lady enough to wish the others good luck, say good bye and leave calmly.

Later on the other model contacted me, telling me she talked to the designer and one of the judges…

[18:56] Orchid Splash: Hi Jare….sorry to bother You at a busy time…and thanks for the time and whatnot. but i truly feel that you could have been subtler or better yet..worded it better to Renee..what You told ehr…was hurting and rude. I mean..she is a model at 6 agencies and a graduate of 2 top schools too. Even if You personally do not feel she is model material….then at elast spare her honor.

Well, I think 5 agencies suffice, but it’s ok hun 😉 Thank you for defending my honor!
(Love ya 🙂 )

[18:56] Orchid Splash: You said those awful things in front of others…that is so bad and unthoughtful on your part

He admitted I was a great model, and i wondered why it sounded all that different the way he formulated it before…

[18:59] Orchid Splash: You told her she wasnt a model enough as the others
[18:59] Orchid Splash: [18:42] Jare Capalini: we didnt decide on you [18:42] Jare Capalini: only because [18:43] Jare Capalini: we werent feeling you as a model as much as the others

He tried to defend himself by stating I didn’t stand out of the crowd.
[19:06] Orchid Splash: ok……i stil feel it could have been better worded.
[19:08] Orchid Splash: also.if You felt we were good enough and not waht You were looking for…then we should not have eben called back for the call backs. Unless You did not read our apps to even decide that for the start

So why am I telling you all that? It’s because something is fishy about this contest. If you ask me it’s not a call for models but for some transformable puppets without free will. Don’t get me wrong! I like the idea of turning Godzilla into Lassie, but for those of you that feel either beautiful or experienced (or both) this will only mean loosing a lot of time spent on a contest you have been taken out long before you know, even though being invited for a recall, just in order to make it look legitimate. And from what I’ve seen I doubt he has the expertise and professionalism it takes to succeed in achieving the task he says he aims at. Instead you should stick to one of the many good agencies in SL that are at the source of all fashion needs.

You better keep your hands off and enjoy your Second Life when you are next invited for SL’s Next Fishy Face.

*hugs you all*

Renée Veliz

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~ by reneeveliz on May 20, 2008.

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