How To Get Repeat Customers

I recently recieved a notice on fashcon about a freebie dress (Mother’s day was LOADED with freebies!), so I promptly tp’ed my way to a store owned by Lemania Indigo. The Black Moth was simple and cute, and only a dollar. The place was packed, naturally, and upon further exploration I discovered some great designs based on old Hollywood movies. And the prices were great too!

I tried to buy the Joan Crawford (Mommy Dearest), and heard the all too familiar cash register noise, which means I’m getting poorer, but there was no delivery of my purchase. I heard others in the store complain of the same thing, so I messaged Lemania, who quickly came to the rescue. She had a store full of customers, and SL was doing what it does best lately.

Faced with a store full of potentially upset customers, Lemania told everyone to write a notecard with what they had purchased, and she would deliver the merchandise by hand. This, is what you call GREAT customer service – but it doesn’t end there.

Later when I recieved my AWESOME new dress, I noticed a flaw in one of the seams. I told Lemania about this, and she apologized and revised the dress! Thank you Lemania, for a great product and great service!


~ by Joan Mayflower on May 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “How To Get Repeat Customers”

  1. Joan you are fabulous and I appreciate all the support you are offering me a new designer! I hope to have lots more fun Hollywood and other clothes soon 🙂 thanks for your wonderful help!

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